November 30, 2009

Brightblack Disappointment

Last night we went to se Brightblack Morning Light. I was really looking forward to the show as I think they make great records. The rumor even said that they were selling cassette tapes and only accepted Euros and weed as currency, so I had brought 5 Euros and a g of magic shrooms for them. It was a Sunday night and the show turned out to be pure crap!? Yes, that’s how it goes sometimes. But why? Why such a disaster? Well, first of all it was going down at f...... Lades Kælder - the worst shit venue in Copenhagen. But unfortunately one of the few venues left that still books alternative music. Denmark is a rotten country when it comes to the alternative stuff. Indie, metal and shite-pop is the name of the game and it’s a pity. I've heard that many bands jump past Denmark and travels right from Germany to Sweden because the audience stinks. Too few people go out - and even the dudes that dig the music is so spoiled that they often skips shows. We indeed are a spoiled nation! Anyway, the show started late and the opening act was a guy called Yo Toke who had invented some self playing string instruments electrically modulated. Ohhhh, here we go again with the avant-garde people. It was meaningless!! For 25 minutes we actually had to be quit to listen to some kind of droning noises that almost didn't compete with my tinnitus. After a long break where I almost went pure mad and didn't talk a word the Brightblack Morning Light hippie collective finally decided to hit the stage. Some jerks had placed a lot of chairs in front of the stage and that made it even worse. The stage is lousy at Lades because of the stupid geometry of the whole place. And the sound was shit from the beginning. The vocal was too low and the keyboard too high. I never got into the music - also because I had some freak to my left talking to himself. Well, the band also didn't seem to get into the music and seemed very unengaged in what they were doing. Then after maybe four songs they finished!? What the fuck - they were finished? I mean, if you want to be taken seriously as a psychedelic band - then at least act like one. After the show there was this nice girl from the band selling them cassettes but I didn't buy - I refused - I boycotted them - fuckers! Anyway, they make good records so go buy them... Wiki