January 9, 2010

Distortions - Autoproducted

Distortions keep up their psychotic overdriven take on psycho-garage-surf and this new album continues where the previous two left. At first I found the songs less focused, less complete in the musical expression and the whole stuff a bit messy. Again the music is extremely fuzzy garage-punk with lots of reverb on the vocal - this time also with a few cool samples thrown in here and there. The vocal still sounds haunted and like it comes right from the mouth of a mad man. But then after a few spins this record is strong like an ox. There are more influences this time like "Bahnhoff Zoo" that has a strange and sloppy PiL dub groove and "Sittin in the Same Room" is almost Sort Sol post-punk anno '81. From "Mercurochrome" and on the band really rips everything apart and the last three song makes the house burn for sure. The band shows that it is the psychic surf they master. Last track "Peep Show" sounds like an early 70's psychedelic score for a drugsploitation movie. Another cool record from this psychotic French freak show... http://www.myspace.com/lithiumforyou