July 27, 2010

The Movie Star Junkies – A Poison Tree

This is actually kind of voodoo rhythm rock from an extremely dark Blake inspired Italian combo. In all its dark matter the band refers to The Birthday Party and that comes to mind in “The Walnut Tree” with the songs swamp’ish shuffle and Cave like feel. Another reference might be Morricone in the title track with a harmonica resembling “Once Upon a Time…”. But these psycho-garagepunks also gives you a slow melancholic tune with nice Farfisa as in “Hail” and “Saddle Smile”. There’s also a reference to surf and a slight twist of balkan in some tunes – and the real surprise is actually the strong impression of a Robert Burås feel in songs like “Saddle Smile” and the album closer “All Winther Long” which could have been taken from the catalogue of My Midnight Creeps!? In all you will find yourself enwrapped in a synesthestic fog and you only wish the record didn’t stop after a little more than 30 min. But hey, just put it on repeat… If you dig: Nick Cave, My Midnight Creeps, Morricone