October 31, 2010

Dragontears – Turn On Tune In Fuck Off!!

This record is the last outing in the trilogy from Dragontears. At first listen this record sounds much more rocking and less acidic than the previous two - but that's just a scam.

The record do start out with the song "Two Tongue Talk" which could have been a song from the Baby Woodrose catalogue with added psychedelic effects en mass and almost excessive use of theremin. Next track "No Salvation" continues in the rocking way and may probably be the closest Dragontears will ever get to an actual radio friendly hit. The song is so darn funky and swinging it could freak out a dance floor. Besides having hit quality there's also some of the records greatest acidic guitar work and phenomenally cool female background vocals by Emma Acs. After this rocking start it's time for the slow and semi acoustic ballad "Myfriend" - a melancholic tale about friendship and ... well, life in general?! And then … well, let the chemicals kick in. "Time of No Time" is a musical trip of dimensions. It's a matrix of swirling sounds and vocals and the slightly salted tears do incept your cortex. This song is without doubt one that shows off the blueprint of what this collective is all about. "William" is the only really extended track on this record and complete with all the lysergic effects one could want - and expect! The song has a nice slow groove and a steady almost tribal drum beat that gives it the perfect monotonic and hypnotic feel. The strong and well written lyrics are in Danish and tells us a story about the haunted mind of painter William Skotte Olsen. Last track "Mennesketvilling" is another dream catching and surreal song that strongly underlines that this is Dragontears and not just another semi-psychedelic hipster band.

If you dig: Woodrose, On Trial, Aron