October 6, 2010

Loch Ness Marathon

I completed the Loch Ness marathon this sunday and that was a blast. We had been invited by GORE to run the race. Yes, another great trip with my part time job at Marathon Sport - best job ever!

Loch Ness is a great race - but god damn hard for the legs. I was not that well prepared and it was my first marathon since Berlin '97. After the first 12 miles my calfs were cramping and the last 6 km was pure pain and the pace was + 6min/km. I had 1:34 after 13 miles and 3:34 at the finish, so the second half turned out to be the worst.

The route was really challeging for a lowlander as me and I was surprised about how steep the downhill parts were.

The sighting was scenic and the weather was okay. Rain at the beginning but sunny at the end. After the race the real challange was to get back to the hotel and into the bus. I could hardly walk the 1,5 mile. But we ended drinking beers in the bus and headed back to Edinburgh for our stay at Dalhousie Castle - and what a treat. Great dinner and the next day we enjoyed the spa.

Monday we headed back to Copenhagen and I was almost unable to walk till today...

Anyway, as I should I also visited some cool record shops in Edingburgh the friday we arrived and bought some 7" as souvenirs. The shops were Avalanche Records and Unknown Pleasures. I also headed for Vinyl Villains saturday morning but the were not open...