December 28, 2009

LowCut and Det Knuste Øre - Best of '09

Julefrokost live in the studio... beer, food, joints and guests. Virus, LowCut and Det Knuste Øre in a joint chaos. Like last year we held a demented x-mas lunch at the radio. Pure fun and great company from the best dudes in town. More food, and less snaps made me survive allthough Bongz pot made me quite dizzy at the end. But great fun to watch Jens go crazy when high.

Dudes: Martin Kern, Nils aka Bongzilla, Tobias Tobak, Martin Mosh, Tomsen and Jens.

Playlist was something like this:

Martin Kern:
Church Of Misery
Magik Markers
Wooden Shjips

Acid Witch - Witch House
Iron Man - Among the Filth and Slime
Litmus - In the Burning Light

Admiral Sir Cloudesly Shovell - Mark of the Beast
Wolfmother - Pilgrim
R'n'R Monkey and the Robots - Zombie Attack
The Resonars - One Part Moan
Horisont - The Unseen

Wasted Time - Burn The Bridges
Organism - No Freedom
Brodys Militia - Nerve Damage
Night Fever - New Blood
Outbreak - (Work)ing Dead

Direct Control - Mortality
Government Warning - Stop Again
Fy Fan - Nitlott
Candlemass - Hammer Of Doom

Intelligence - I Walk In A Lonely Night
Love Potion - We Will Return
Homopolice - Ass Fucker
Manikin - Sirens
FNU Ronnies - Watchful Eye

Det Nørrejyske Stororkester for Opløst Mønstermusik 4 x 12"
Sten Hansson- My Galloping Heart 7"
Borbetomagus - Coalecanth 7"
Mats Gustafsson/ Lasse Marhaug 7"

Shrinebuilder - The Architect
Death Row - The Ghoul
Church of Misery - Badlands

De Høje Hæle - Paranoia Døgnet Rundt
Wizzard Sleeve - Alabama's Doomed
Mayyors - Deads
Overnight Lows - Cheaper Than Rehab
Tyvek - Circular Ruins
Burial - Abyss Of Hate
Blank Dogs - No Compass

Gösta Berlings Saga - Kontrast
Dan Auerbach - The Prowl

And some complete chaos with Pissed Jeans and other mashed up...

LowCut | Det Knuste Øre